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  • Meliora ShabbatA special Meliora edition of the great Shabbat @ Chabad experience! To RSVP click here
  • Shabbat at Chabad Can you handle an elegant four-course dinner that excites the spirit, satisfies the soul and stuffs the living daylights out of your stomach?RSVP here
  • Lowinger MezuzahChabad House is so happy to partner with the Alex and Agnes Lowinger Mezuzah fund, offering a Mezuzah to any full time student at the University of Rochester.Order your Mezuzah
  • Alumni Chai ClubWe, as alumni, have the power and means to make a meaningful impact on the success of Chabad at U of R and RIT. Joining the Chai Club means committing yourself to a recurring donation of only $18 every month (or $36, $54... you get the idea - whatever you can afford).To join the Chai club today!
  • Why Do Jewish Brides Wear White?I recently read that this actually originated with Queen Victoria in the mid-19th century.Read More
  • A Kabbalistic Spin on DreidelDiscover layers of meaning in this fun tradition.Read More
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There are people who go about life believing G‑d is angry with them. “After all,” they say, “why shouldn’t He? I’ve abandoned Him. I’ve done things He doesn’t like. In fact, I hardly ever think of Him any more. Why should He care about me?” They delude themselves. At the core of their consciousness shines a spark of Him, awake and pulsating within everything they do. Indeed, that spark does not let them alone. And from Above pours down only love, an infinite love that neither subsides nor changes. What blocks entry of...

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