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  • Seder NightCome home for the Seder, to Chabad House, it's your home too!RSVP Please
  • Passover DinnersThere is no need to eat cottage cheese and matza all week - there are options!!The Chabad House is providing delicious, homecooked dinners for the week of Passover.Please RSVP
  • Shabbat at Chabad Can you handle an elegant four-course dinner that excites the spirit, satisfies the soul and stuffs the living daylights out of your stomach?RSVP here
  • Lowinger MezuzahChabad House is so happy to partner with the Alex and Agnes Lowinger Mezuzah fund, offering a Mezuzah to any full time student at the University of Rochester.Order your Mezuzah
  • Nana Ruth, Passover and the Flowers That Kept on ComingRead More
  • How to Transform PainThe Jewish approach to turning pain into blessingRead More
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What is divine wisdom? Divine wisdom is the inner delight of the Infinite, condensed and crystallized until fit for human consumption. What is a mitzvah? A mitzvah is divine wisdom condensed and crystallized until it can be performed as a physical action. That is why in the study of Torah there is infinite delight. That is why in the act of a mitzvah there is unlimited joy. Maamar Arbaah Rashei Shanim Heim, 5731. Tanya, Igeret Hakodesh 29

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