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Passover Seder at Chabad

  • Come home for the Seder - to Chabad House, it's your home too!

    Whether you are a Seder veteran with answers to all four questions, or a curious explorer with forty questions of your own, the Chabad House offers a stimulating and satisfying experience. Enjoy delicious, homemade cuisine, great company and family warmth.

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    First Seder: Friday, March 30
    Services: 7:15pm
    Seder: 8:00pm

    Shabbat & Holiday Services and Lunch: Shabbat, March 31
    Services: 10:00am
    Lunch 12:30pm

    Second Seder: Shabbat, March 31
    Services: 8:20pm
    Seder: 9:00pm

    Holiday Services and Lunch: Sunday, April 1
    Services: 10:00am
    Lunch: 12:30pm

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