Dear urChabad Alumni,

We are excited to present the new urChabad Alumni Chai Club.

Chabad......just the word brings up great memories! A home away from home, Devorah Leah's delicious Friday night dinners, thought provoking classes with Rabbi Asher or Devorah Leah and all the great friendships that we have made.

We LOVE Chabad and we want to ensure that the next generation of JEW of R's get the same experiences.

When we were students at U of R or RIT, we never wondered how Chabad was funded, but now we know! While Chabad Houses exist all over the world, each is independent and responsible for raising their own funds. So, in addition to the phenomenal programs that Rabbi Asher and Devorah Leah plan and pull off, they also are responsible to raise the $250,000 annual budget.

We, as alumni, have the power and means to make a meaningful impact on the success of Chabad at U of R and RIT. Joining the Chai Club means committing yourself to a recurring donation of only $18 every month (or $36, $54... you get the idea - whatever you can afford). $18 is less than 2 movies a month, or three drinks in a bar. Imagine – if we reach 100 alumni who give $18.00 a month, $21,600 could be raised!

As you work your way up in the business or professional world, your financial support is important and critical to ensure the future success of Chabad at the U of R and RIT. Chabad was there for you; now it's your turn to invest and make sure that Chabad is there for the future.

May you find success and happiness wherever the road takes you, and remember that you always have a home away from home at urChabad!

To join the Chai Club please click on the paypal button below

Chai Club Members

Lev & Jacquline Novikov

Gabe & Karyn Wittenberg

Roman & Alina Gorbach (Rozenfeld)

Charlie Henick

Ilya Rivkin

Sidney & Vered (Idan) Epner

Rebecca (Gordon) & Bud Coulson

Seth & Melissa Groder

Dara Greenberg

Anna Richlin

Debra Hendell Shimko 

Zeev Fima

Yaron Shahverdi

Ben Witten

**Your name here**