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  • Lowinger MezuzahChabad House is so happy to partner with the Alex and Agnes Lowinger Mezuzah fund, offering a Mezuzah to any full time student at the University of Rochester. Order your Mezuzah
  • The Menorah: Its Story and Mystery Explore the design, positioning, lighting rituals, and rich symbolism. Read More
  • Take the Shabbat-Candles QuizTime for a quiz: Test your Shabbat candles knowledge! Read More
  • Ten Lessons From the Menorah What the menorah teaches us about igniting our own inner light and living an inspired life. Read More
  • Who Made G-d?The Classic Jewish Answer in Clear Modern English Read More
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The Rebbe describes the following as a core teaching of the Baal Shem Tov: Not only are the pirouettes of a...

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